Introduction to All Things Modelling

солянка мясная классическая In this chapter we introduce you to all things modelling and all the modelling basics

Nutrition and Positive Mindset

города шенгенской зоны This class is about embracing your body and nurturing it with the help of our nutrition advisor and health practitioner. He is also a business consultant who will help you better understand your health, psychology and the principles of life.

Hair Masterclass

follow This hair masterclass is taught by the dedicated and driven trainer, Tiarne, who is a hair professional at Wieselmann salon in South Yarra. Receive premier hair training from an award-winning professional who is trusted by many models and actors. Wieselmann is Melbourne’s first choice for luxury hairdressing.

Make-up Masterclass Learn the industry techniques on make-up application in our advanced make-up masterclass with an industry expert! Our amazing make-up artist has been in the beauty field for many years, working closely with top models, TV presenters and many leading industry professionals.

Editorial Masterclass During this chapter of editorial training we cover various genres of editorial modelling. Our trainer and photographer is well established and known in the fashion modelling industry. She will show you how to find your best angle and adapt to diverse concepts of photo-shoots using our demonstration models. объект права международных договоров We have specifically formulated the videos to maximize theory on how to move in front of the camera, what photographers expect from you, how to supercharge your chances of getting signed and advancing your career.

Catwalk Masterclass

go to link Time to walk the walk! Learn the different runway techniques for various types of catwalk. Our trainer is a professional international model! She has been on many Australian and worldwide runways, so she has a lot of wisdom and personal experience to pass onto you during these videos. The modelling industry is competitive, so attention to detail to perfect technique is vital.

Financial Masterclass

What a lot of people don’t know is that models work as contractors; therefore, they need to set themselves up as a small business. We offer the invaluable and crucial financial workshop to our subscribers to teach you the fundamentals of a sole trader and financial management.

Interviewing and Casting Techniques

Interview and casting skills are also essential to succeed in any industry. Learn how to best represent yourself through verbal and non-verbal communication.